How to Audit Data Analytics: Everything You Need to Know

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Most businesses nowadays use data analytics to improve the performance of their products or to study the market. Data analytics is at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution. However, making sure that the graphs and charts made are trustworthy and reliable is not as easy as producing them.

This is where today’s post comes in. I would like to talk to you about auditing data analytics and how it works. First, I’ll tell you about the different pitfalls of skipping over this step in your workflow. Then, I’ll explain the different steps to follow to audit your data analysis. I’ll also be sure to mention the different techniques you should keep in mind for your audit.

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Why Data Governance Matters: 5 Reasons to Care

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Data governance.

Utter those two words to someone who has not heard them before, and you’re likely to get back a quizzical look. A look that encompasses intrigue, doubt, skepticism, and maybe even a little cynicism.

Is this some buzzword made up by consultants? Is this something my kind of business really needs? If it is important, then who is responsible—finance, marketing, IT?

This post will help anyone who’s curious understand what data governance really is, why you should care about it, and some tangible business benefits that it can lead to.

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How to Encrypt PII Data: A Guide to Securing Your Users’ Data

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Personally identifiable information (PII) data is any sort of data that might reveal a person’s identity. Moreover, PII data includes data such as a person’s name, address, date of birth, credit card details, Social Security number, or even medical records.

In the digital age we live in, data has become the most valuable asset for a company. This means a company might hold a lot of PII data, making it a target for hackers to breach their data. Nowadays, PII data is considered to be highly sensitive data that needs to be properly protected.

Many organizations underestimate the effort to protect their users’ data. Besides that, many users aren’t aware of the number of companies holding PII data about them. Therefore, we need strong data privacy tools like encryption to protect users’ PII data.

This article will guide you through encryption methods and define a plan that will help you get started with implementing data encryption techniques. First, let’s introduce encryption.

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